Lysozyme Chloride, Lyophilized Powder, 20,000 U/mg, Food Grade

Weight: 8 oz (228 g)
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MarkNature Lysozyme Chloride, Lyophilized Powder sourced from hen egg whites undergoes a meticulous extraction process resulting in a potent antibacterial protein. Crafted through isolation, drying, and pasteurization, this food-grade enzyme boasts a remarkable efficacy in breaking down bacterial cell walls, making it a trusted natural preservative widely utilized in the food industry. With a foundation in safety and quality, this product has earned recognition from regulatory bodies like the U.S. FDA, being affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for cheese production. Moreover, it holds approval as a preservative (E1105) under the E.U. Directive on food additives, further solidifying its status as a reliable and compliant solution for food preservation needs.


Chemical Name:

Lysozyme Chloride

CAS Number:



Lusozyme; Muramidase;

Lysozyme hydrochloride;

Mucopeptide N-acetylmuramoylhydrolase;


Hen Egg White


White to off-white crystalline powder


Not less than 20,000 U/mg


3.0 to 4.5


Not more than 8.0%


Not more than 2.0%


Not less than 16%


Not less than 95%


Key Features:

  • High Potency: With an impressive enzyme activity of 20,000 U/mg, this lysozyme chloride powder offers high efficacy in inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Natural Preservation: Leveraging its antibacterial properties, this product effectively extends the shelf life of various food products without compromising their quality or taste.
  • Quality Assurance: Produced from hen egg whites and subjected to rigorous extraction and purification processes, ensuring consistent quality and safety.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Endorsed by the U.S. FDA as GRAS and approved by the E.U. Directive on food additives, meeting stringent safety and quality standards.

This Lysozyme Chloride Powder finds its applications across a broad spectrum within the food industry. Primarily used as a natural preservative, it is instrumental in enhancing the shelf life of cheeses, dairy products, sauces, and other perishable goods. Its ability to inhibit bacterial growth makes it an invaluable asset in maintaining food freshness and quality. Whether integrated into food processing or utilized as a supplement in food packaging, its efficacy in preventing spoilage while meeting regulatory requirements makes it an ideal choice for manufacturers aiming to deliver safe and high-quality food products to consumers.

In compliance with U.S. FDA's GRAS affirmation and the E.U. Directive on food additives, our Lysozyme Chloride, Lyophilized Powder stands as a testament to reliability, efficacy, and safety in food preservation solutions.

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