Ultra-High Purity Nano Carbon Powder

Weight: 8 oz (226 g)
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Ultra-High Purity Nano Carbon Powder is a premium material designed for advanced technological applications requiring exceptional purity and performance. This black, fluffy amorphous powder has a melting point of 3500 degrees and is insoluble in water. With a minimum purity of 99.99% and an ultra-fine particle size of 20 nm, our nano carbon powder offers superior electrical conductivity, thermal stability, and mechanical strength. Its high surface area and uniform particle distribution make it ideal for a wide range of industrial and research applications, ensuring consistent and reliable results in every use. The powder is easy to disperse, making it suitable for various conductive and antistatic applications.

C Purity (wt %): 99.99% min.
Particle size: 20nm (D50)
O: 30 ppm
Ni: 16 ppm
Mn: 18 ppm
Fe: 19 ppm
Si: 8 ppm
Sb: 2 ppm
Cd: 1 ppm max.

Key Features:
1) Exceptional Purity: 99.99% minimum purity ensures the highest quality and performance.
2) Nano-Scale Particle Size: 20 nm particle size for enhanced reactivity and surface area.
3) Superior Conductivity: Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity for various applications.
4) High Surface Area: Optimal for catalysis, energy storage, and composite materials.
5) Uniform Particle Size: Ensures consistent performance across different applications.
6) Easy to Disperse: Simplifies incorporation into various mediums and products.

1) Conductive Resins and Coatings: Ideal for use in conductive resins, conductive coatings, and as primers and mid-coats for floor coatings.
2) Conductive Plastics and Rubbers: Enhances the conductivity of plastics and rubbers, enabling the production of various conductive plastic products.
3) Conductive Inks: Perfect for printing on different surfaces, providing both conductive and antistatic effects.
4) Antistatic and Electromagnetic Radiation Protection: Suitable for use in home and hospital buildings to offer antistatic and electromagnetic radiation shielding.
5) Conductive Fibers and Cloth: Used to produce conductive fibers and cloth, offering antistatic and electromagnetic wave shielding properties.

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