Trichoderma Viride, 5 billion CFU/gram, Water soluble

Weight: 200g
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Trichoderma viride, a potent bio fungicide in a soluble powder form, boasting a microbial count of 5 billion CFU/gram. This light green to green powder harnesses the power of the Trichoderma genus, specifically Trichoderma viride, a biocontrol agent against plant pathogenic fungi in crops. From the Hypocreaceae family, this fungus has proven its efficacy as a protective shield for plants, promoting healthier growth while safeguarding against various fungal diseases. Its water solubility makes it an easily applicable solution for seed and soil treatments, combating fungal pathogens and revitalizing adverse soils, ultimately enhancing plant vigor and resilience.

Appearance: Gray green powder
Solubility: Water soluble
Microbial Count: 5 billion CFU/gram

Key Features:

  • Biocontrol Agent: Effective against various plant pathogenic fungi, safeguarding crops from gray mold, powdery mildew, and more.
  • Water Soluble Formulation: Easily solubilizes in water for seamless seed and soil treatment applications, ensuring widespread coverage.
  • Soil Reclamation: Reclaims adverse soils and solubilizes soil phosphorus, improving soil health and nutrient availability for plants.
  • Promotes Plant Growth: Stimulates plant growth and vigor, enhancing resistance to drought and diseases, contributing to overall plant health.
  • Eco-Friendly: Maintains soil ecosystem balance, decomposing organic farm wastes and promoting sustainability in agriculture.
  • Compatibility: Works harmoniously with organic manures and other biofertilizers, ensuring compatibility and synergy in agricultural practices.

Trichoderma viride stands as a versatile biofungicide, finding extensive use in seed and soil treatments to suppress diseases caused by fungal pathogens. Its effectiveness against harmful fungi like gray mold, botrytis cinerea, powdery mildew, and downy mildew makes it an invaluable asset in agriculture, suitable for a wide array of food crops both outdoors and in greenhouses. As a growth promoter, biocontrol agent, and biofertilizer, it not only protects plants but also enhances their growth, fostering a robust defense mechanism against diseases and environmental stressors. Its compatibility with organic manures and biofertilizers ensures seamless integration into sustainable agricultural practices.

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