Strontium Carbonate, High Purity Electronic Grade

Weight: 8 oz (228g)
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Experience the epitome of purity and precision with our Strontium Carbonate, Electronic Grade. Defined by its water-insoluble nature yet solubility in ammonium chloride and ammonia, this compound stands as a pinnacle in ultra-high purity formulations. With a chemical formula of SrCO3 and a molecular weight of 147.63, its density ranges from 3.70 to 3.74 g/cm3, ensuring exceptional quality across diverse applications.

Chemical Name: Strontium Carbonate
CAS Number: 1633-05-2
EC No.: 216-643-7
Chemical Formula: SrCO3
Molecular Weight: 147.63
Density: 3.70-3.74 g/cm3



White powder

Assay [SrCO3]:

99.0% min.



Insoluble in Hydrochloric Acid:

0,007% max.


0.001% max.


0.01% max.


0.001% max.

Heavy Metals (Pb):

0.002% max.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Purity: Our Strontium Carbonate boasts ultra-high purity, enhancing optical quality and establishing itself as a benchmark for scientific standards.
  • Versatile Solubility: While water-insoluble, its solubility in ammonium chloride and slight solubility in ammonia expand its applications and formulation possibilities.
  • Precise Chemical Composition: With a defined chemical formula and molecular weight, this compound ensures consistency and accuracy in various industrial processes.

This high-purity Electronic Grade Strontium Carbonate finds its utility across an array of industries and applications:

  1. Electronic Ceramic Components: Perfect for manufacturing electronic ceramic components due to its exceptional purity and chemical properties.
  2. Electron Components: Essential in the production of high-quality electron components, ensuring reliability and performance.
  3. Fluorescent Materials: Its purity enhances the optical quality of fluorescent materials, optimizing their efficiency and performance.
  4. Pigments: Used as a component in pigment formulation, contributing to vivid and stable color production.
  5. Skyrocket Material: Employed in the formulation of skyrocket materials, providing stability and controlled performance.
  6. Strontium Salt Preparation: Integral in the preparation of various strontium salts, ensuring high-grade output in diverse chemical processes.

Elevate your industrial processes and products with our Strontium Carbonate, Electronic Grade - the epitome of purity, precision, and reliability in high-quality chemical compounds.


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