Sodium N-Lauroyl-L-Glutamate

Weight: 1 pound (454g)
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Sodium N-Lauroyl-L-Glutamate is a mild and effective surfactant derived from natural amino acids, known for its excellent skin compatibility and environmental friendliness. It is characterized by its ability to produce a rich and creamy foam, making it a popular choice in personal care products. Its unique properties include excellent biodegradability, mildness to the skin, and the ability to enhance the penetration of other ingredients.

CAS Number: 29923-31-7
EC Number: 249-958-3
Molecular Weight: 351.4
Molecular Formula: C17H30NNaO5
Synonyms: Hostapon CLG

Assay: 95% min.

Key Features and Applications:
1)Personal Care Industry: Predominantly used in skincare and hair care products, including facial cleansers, shampoos, and body washes. It is valued for its gentle cleansing action that does not strip natural oils, thereby maintaining skin and hair health.
2)Cosmetics: Utilized as a primary ingredient in makeup products, such as foundation and concealer, to provide a smooth and even application. It enhances the spreadability and texture of cosmetics, improving user experience.
3)Baby Products: Incorporated in baby shampoos, soaps, and bath products due to its gentle nature, ensuring effective cleansing without irritating sensitive baby skin.
4)Pharmaceutical Industry: Employed in topical medicinal formulations for its skin-friendly properties, aiding in the delivery of active ingredients without causing irritation or allergic reactions.
5)Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Used in household cleaning agents that require a gentle yet effective cleaning action, supporting the shift towards environmentally sustainable and skin-friendly cleaning solutions.

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