Sodium N-Cocoyl Glycinate

Weight: 1 pound (454g)
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Sodium N-Cocoyl Glycinate is a specialized compound commonly found in personal care and cosmetic products. This compound is particularly noted for its ability to create mild and skin-friendly formulations, making it an ideal ingredient in sensitive skin care products.

CAS Number: 90387-74-9
EC Number: 291-350-5
Molecular Weight: 279.35
Molecular Formula: C14H26NNaO3

Assay: 95% min.

Key Features and Applications:
Key Features:
1)Excellent foaming ability, with smooth and elastic foam, producing abundant foam.
2)Demonstrates superior thickening properties, easily forming a paste.
3)Strong resistance to hard water, maintaining ample foam even in high-hardness water.

1)Personal Care Cleansers: Extensively used in facial cleansers, body washes, and hand soaps. Sodium N-Cocoyl Glycinate offers deep cleansing without stripping natural oils, leaving the skin soft and moisturized.
2)Hair Care Products: Incorporated in shampoos and conditioners for its gentle cleansing properties. It helps maintain the natural balance of scalp oils, enhancing hair softness and shine without causing irritation.
3)Baby Care Formulations: Ideal for baby shampoos, washes, and bubble baths due to its exceptionally gentle nature. It ensures effective cleaning without harming the delicate skin of babies.
4)Men's Grooming Products: Used in shaving creams and aftershave products for its soothing and hydrating properties. It assists in providing a smooth shave and reduces post-shave skin irritation.
5)Sensitive Skin Products: Suitable for products targeting sensitive or allergy-prone skin due to its hypoallergenic nature. Often used in formulations aimed at cleansing effectively while minimizing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions.
6)Eco-friendly Cleaning Agents: Included in household cleaners and detergents. Its biodegradable nature makes it a preferred ingredient in environmentally friendly cleaning products, offering effective cleaning without a harmful environmental impact.
7)Oral Care Products: Employed in toothpastes and mouthwashes, providing gentle yet effective cleaning. It helps remove dental stains and food residues while maintaining the natural microbial balance of the mouth, reducing oral irritation.

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