Sodium N-Cocoyl-L-Glutamate

Weight: 1 pound (454g)
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Sodium N-Cocoyl-L-Glutamate is a surfactant, known for its mildness and skin-friendly properties. It is particularly noted for its gentle cleansing ability, making it ideal for sensitive skin formulations. This compound is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and provides excellent foaming and cleaning performance, making it a popular choice in various industries.

CAS Number: 68187-32-6
EC Number: 269-087-2
Molecular Weight: 191.09
Molecular Formula: C5H7NNa2O4
Synonyms: Disodium 2-aminopentanedioate

Assay: 95% min.

Key Features and Applications:
Key Features:
Abundant foam with low irritability.
Infused with a natural coconut oil fragrance.
Noticeably reduces the soap base's degreasing power.
Enhances the foam structure of the soap base and improves post-wash skin tightening sensation.
1)Personal Care and Skincare Products: Widely used in facial cleansers, body washes, and baby care products. It is appreciated for its gentle cleansing action that effectively removes dirt and oil without stripping the skin's natural moisture, making it suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
Hair Care Formulations: Employed in shampoos and conditioners, especially those designed for sensitive scalp and frequent use. It helps in maintaining the natural balance of the scalp and hair, providing gentle cleansing while keeping hair soft and manageable.
Cosmetic Products: Incorporated in makeup removers and cleansing lotions due to its effective yet mild cleansing properties. It ensures thorough removal of makeup without causing skin irritation or dryness.
Baby Care Products: Ideal for use in baby shampoos, soaps, and bathing products, as it is exceptionally gentle and safe for the sensitive skin of infants and young children.
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents: Used in household cleaning products that aim to be gentle on the skin and environmentally sustainable. Its effective cleaning action combined with its biodegradability makes it a preferred ingredient in green cleaning solutions.

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