Seaweed-Chitosan Oligosaccharide Concentrated Solution, Natural Organic Biostimulant

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Seaweed-Chitosan Oligosaccharide Solution formulated by seaweed extracts derived from Sargassum by precision and depth extraction processes, contains 70 minerals, 17 amino acids, natural plant hormones, alginic acids, chelating agents and complex sugars, and Chitosan Oligosaccharide (COS) is kind of oligosaccharide (degree of polymerization<20), also known as chitin oligos.

MarkNatrure Seaweed-Chitosan Oligosaccharide solution has precise formula and ratios, which can provide both advantages of seaweed extract and Chitosan Oligosaccharide.

1) Improve uptake of plant nutrition and fertilizer ingredients.
2) Promote plant roots to grow healthily;
3) Supplement major, secondary, and microelements;
4) Improve plants' stress resistance
5) Strengthen photosynthesis;
6) Prevent premature aging;
7) Improve the yield and quality.

Appearance: Brown viscous liquid
Seaweed Extracts: 300g/L
Chitosan Oligosaccharide: 30g/L
Organic Matters: 400g/L
K2O: 50g/L
Insolubles: 1%
PH: 4.5~6.5

1. Seed soaking: Soaking seeds with 1000~1500 times dilute or 300ml/ha, adjustable.
2. Foliar spray: Sraying 800-1200 times dilute onto plant leaves, flowers, and fruits, spraying at intervals of 15-20 days.
3. Irrigation: Pouring 1000-1500 times dilute into the soil around the roots.

The product does not contain any artificial aromas or flavor enhancers.

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