Rhizobium, Nitrogen Fixation Biological Fertilizer

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Rhizobium is a strain of high activity rhizobium, which is processed by advanced fermentation technology. This product has the characteristics of high capacity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation, strong competition, early nodulation, vigor in soil and strong reproduction ability, good adhesion to seeds, environmental protection and fertilizer.

Viable cells of Rhizobium: 2 billion/ml Min.

1) Nitrogen fixation and fertilizer: the ability of nodulation and nitrogen fixation, the use of rhizobium can reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizer by more than 50%;
2) Increase output by more than 7%;
3) Nurturing of fertilizer to enhance drought resistance and hardiness of crops;
4) Production of quality food, pollution-free products, the preferred fertilizer.

>Recommended Applications
Soybean; Peanut; Pea; Corn; Paddy; Potato

Seed dressing:
1)Spray the microbial agent on the surface of the seed, mix the seed and the microbial agent evenly, ensure that the surface of each seed is adhered with a sufficient amount of fungicide, and sown after drying;
2)Do not break the seed coat when seeding, otherwise it will cause rotten seeds and lack of seedlings;
3)Seeds mixed with fungicides should be placed in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, should be broadcast within 24 hours;
4) Do not mix with bactericides, use up once after opening the bag.
5) Recommended dosage: 225mL/ha

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