Poly-L-Aspartic Acid Sodium Salt, Polyaspartic Acid Sodium Salt (PASP-Na)

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Poly-L-aspartic acid sodium salts (poly(L-Asp), poly(L-Aspartic acid sodium salt)) are synthetic, negatively charged polyamino acids with one Na per aspartic acid unit. They are water-soluble and can exist as block copolymers.

CAS No.: 25608-40-6
Formula: (C4H5NO3Na)n
Molecular Weight: 5,000-8,000
Appearance: Light yellow powder
PolyAspartic Acid Sodium Salts (PASP-Na): 90% min.
Moisture: 10% max.
pH: 7.5~10.5 (10 g/L solution)
Limiting Viscosity dl/g (30℃): 0.055~0.090
Source of Raw Material: L-Aspartic Acid

1. Highly water-soluble
2. Phosphate-free
3. Non-hazardous and non-polluting
4. Completely biodegradable
5. Can self-assemble into particles with hydrophobic cores and hydrophilic shells

1. Surface Coating: Used in layer-by-layer deposition techniques for surface coating.
2. Corrosion Inhibitor: Inhibit scale and corrosion in industrial recirculating water, boilers, and steam lines.
3. Oil and Mineral Exploration Auxiliary: Replace complexing agents in detergents, serve as a thinner for drilling fluid, and inhibit scale corrosion in reinjection water and pipelines.
4. Cleaning Detergent: Enhance water's soil-carrying capacity, prevent surfactant activity loss in hard water, and act as a dispersant in low-phosphate and phosphate-free detergents.

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