PolyAspartic Acid (PASP), High Active Fertilizer Synergist

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MarkNature PolyAspartic Acid, Amino Acid Organic Nitrogen Water Soluble Fertilizer Synergist

It obtained by polymerization of Aspartic Acid. The production process guarantees the presence of pure amino acids and high nitrogen and organic matter.

Appearance: Light yellow powder
PolyAspartic Acid (PASP): 90% min.
Organic nitrogen: 10% min.
Organic matter: 90% min.
PH: 7.5~10.5
Source of raw material L-Aspartic Acid
Sterilized at 70 Celsius degree

Used as multi-functional compound fertilizer, combined with NPK Fertilizer or used as drip irrigation, soaking seeds, root treatment and foliar spray fertilizer alone.

Recommended usage:
1. Mixed with urea or NPK fertilizer: added ratio 0.13~0.22%
2. Use alone: 2~3kg/Ha.

1. Improve nutrient uptake for plants by root
2. Improve crop yield and mature at an earlier time.
3. Reduce the usage of fertilizer and save energy.
4. Make the crop healthy against the diseases and drought.
5. Make the land better for crops.

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