Papain, Papaya Extract High Activity Protease, Food Grade

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MarkNature Papain is not just another enzyme preparation – it's a cutting-edge innovation harnessed from unripe papaya fruit through advanced biotechnology processes such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and freeze-drying. This cutting-edge approach unlocks the natural potency of papaya, delivering a product that's not only healthy and safe but also incredibly efficient.

Our papain protease mixture, which includes papain, chymosin, and papain itself, provides a multitude of daily life benefits. With its robust proteolytic catalytic activity, it excels at protein breakdown and enhancing protein hydrolysis, offering a superior solution for your needs.

Thanks to its high enzyme activity and exceptional thermal stability, papain proves its versatility in various industries, including food, medicine, daily chemicals, feed, leather, and textiles.

CAS No.: 9001-73-4
EC No.:
Appearance: white or off-white powder
Activity: 200,000 U/g
Mositure: 8% max.
Heavy metals [Pb]: 5ppm max.
Arsenic [As2O3]: 3ppm max.

Applications of Papain:

Food Industry: Papain is used for hydrolyzing proteins in food, improving nutritional value, and reducing production costs in various food products, such as meat tenderizers, wine clarifiers, and health foods.

Biscuit Industry: Papain enhances dough properties, improves product appearance, and reduces the use of certain chemical additives, leading to better quality biscuits.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Papain-containing drugs offer various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, choleretic, analgesic, and digestion-enhancing properties. It is also used for blood cell testing and the treatment of various medical conditions.

Textile Industry: Papain is employed to prevent wool shrinkage, providing softer and stronger wool materials. It is also used for degumming and refining of silk.

Leather Industry: Papain is used in leather processing to remove hair and tan leather, resulting in fine and bright pores on the leather surface.

Feed Industry: Papain is utilized to break down proteins in animal feed, enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting animal growth, reducing feed costs, and improving appetite.

Daily Chemical Industry: Papain is added to cleaning products, such as detergents and hand sanitizers, to remove tough stains like blood and grease, improving detergent performance.

Cosmetic Industry: Papain is used in cosmetics to promote skin rejuvenation, cell growth, and skin moisture. It also aids in reducing melanin formation and removing skin blemishes, contributing to skin whitening and spot removal.

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