Oleamide,Oleic Acid Amide,Purity 98.5%

Weight: 5 pound
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MarkNature oleamide used as a polyethylene lubricant to reduce the melt viscosity of the resin during injection molding, improve fluidity; also used in polypropylene, polyamide to improve its fluidity; as a metal protective film, also used for lubrication of metal surfaces, rubber Additives, printing inks, plastic coatings; wax paper and dye additives, etc.

Appearance: Slightly yellow or white granular
CAS No.:301-02-0
EC No.:206-103-9
Chemical Formula:C18H35NO
Synonyms:Oleic Acid Amide, High Slip Additive, 9-Octadecenamide
Melting Point:72-76℃

1. Used as a rigid transparent PVC product (film), BOPP film, polyethylene calendered film, polyethylene laminate, rubber and polypropylene blend.
2. Styrene film, phenolic resin, melamine formaldehyde lubricant, slip agent; EVA blown film anti-adhesive and anti-fogging agent, polyolefin resin anti-caking agent.
3. Used as plastic coatings, magnetic coatings, magnetic recording materials and dispersing agents.
4. Used for metal wire drawing lubricant, metal anti-corrosion protection, and ball bearing protective coating.

Keep container tightly closed.
Store in a dry place.

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