Carbon NanoPowder, Organic Nano Carbon, Fertilizer Synergist

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Nano Carbon Powder has emerged as one of the most promising tools in fertilizer production. The particle size of this powder is extremely small, allowing it to easily attach to other materials, making it a great choice for fertilizers. Nano Carbon Powder has many benefits in fertilizer production, such as providing extra nutrients in the soil, increasing crop yield, improving soil structure, holding and releasing nutrients, and boosting soil microbial activity. It also has the potential to increase water-holding capacity and reduce the leaching of fertilizers, helping to conserve water and improve soil health. As an eco-friendly additive, Nano Carbon Powder is sure to be an essential part of your fertilizer production.

MarkNature Nano Carbon Powder, Fertilizer Synergist
Particle Size:            50~100nm
Major Elements:      Nano Carbon: 90% min.      
Trace Elements:       O, S, K

 Appearance: Black fine powder with strong adsorption and conductivity
 Content: 90.0% min.
 Moisture: 5.0% max.
 Trace Elements: 5.0% max.

Save fertilizers and increase economic income by up to 10%-30%.
Promote root system growth and enhance the disease resistance of plants.
Improve crop quality and improve contents of VC, protein, fat, starch, sugars, and amino acids.
Increase crop yields (field crops up to 5-15%, vegetables up to 15-30%)

Mixing with solid fertilizers in the proportion of 3:1000
The mixed process below 80°C
Store in a cool and dry place
Use immediately after opening, deliquesce easily in the air

Crop Application stage Frequency
Field crops Tillering stage, heading stage (rice) 1~2
Commercial crops Resettling stage, growth stage (tobacco) 2~3
Fruit trees Germinating stage, fruit inflating stage (apple) 2~3
Leaf vegetables Recovery period、growth stage (celery) 2~3
Melons and fruits Seedling stage, fruiting stage (cucumber) 2~4

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