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N-Lauroylglycine, a product of the condensation between lauric acid and glycine, stands as a pinnacle of versatility in the realm of surfactants. Possessing amphiphilic properties, this compound masterfully marries hydrophilic and hydrophobic components, deftly reducing surface tension to facilitate the dispersion of typically immiscible substances like oil and water. Its acclaim spans multiple industries, finding a paramount place in personal care formulations. Renowned for its mild yet potent cleansing capabilities, it caters to sensitive skin types, regulating excess oil sans any irritation or dryness—a sought-after attribute in cleansers, shampoos, and body washes. Its gentle touch extends to baby care, delivering a cleansing action prized for its tenderness while also boasting moisturizing effects that preserve the skin's natural moisture balance.

CAS Number: 7596-88-5
EC Number: 841-898-1
Molecular Weight: 257.37
Molecular Formula:C14H27NO3
Synonyms: Lauroyl Glycine; Lauroylglycine; N-(1-Oxododecyl)glycine; N-Dodecanoylglycine

Assay: 95% min.

Key Features and Applications:
1) Mild yet Effective: Ideal for sensitive skin, regulating oil production without causing irritation or dryness in cleansers and shampoos.
2) Moisturizing Effects: Preserves the skin's natural moisture balance, enhancing the appeal for baby care products.
3) Enhanced Formulation Performance: Compatibility with diverse ingredients stabilizes emulsions, improves foaming properties, and refines the texture of skincare and hair care items.
4) Versatile Applications: Essential in crafting high-quality personal care solutions, from premium cleansers to nurturing baby care formulations, owing to its gentle yet efficient cleansing abilities and compatibility with various products.

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