Menthol Crystal, Organic Peppermint Extract

Weight: 8 oz (228g)
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Experience the essence of pure Menthol Crystal, derived from organic peppermint extract, capturing the characteristic odor and invigorating properties of mint. This crystallized form, obtained through the meticulous steam distillation and subsequent crystallization of peppermint oil, embodies excellence in quality and purity. With a chemical name of 2-isopropyl-5-methyl-cyclohexanol and a molecular formula of C10H20O, each crystal encapsulates the essence of natural menthol. Compliant with stringent standards—FCC8, USP43, EP8, BP2015, and JP16—these colorless hexagonal or needle-like crystals exhibit a characteristic odor reminiscent of Asia's natural menthol.

Chemical name: 2-isopropyl-5-methyl-cyclohexanol
Molecular formula: C10H20O
CAS No.: 2216-51-5
FEMA No.: 2665

Quality complies with FCC8, USP43, EP8, BP2015, and JP16
Appearance: Colourless hexagonal or needle like crystal
Odor: Characteristic odor of Asia natural menthol
Melting Point (℃): 41.0℃~44.0℃
Specific Rotation (25℃): - 45° ~ - 51°
Assay (GC): 99.5% min.
Non-Volatile Residue (<105℃): 0.05% min.
Non-Volatile Content: 1mg max.
Heavy Metal (Pb): 5 ppm max.
Arsenic (As): 3 ppm max.
Solubility (25℃): 1g is soluble in 5ml of 90% (v/v) alcohol, forming a clear solution.

Key Features:
  • Premium Quality Standards: Conforms to FCC8, USP43, EP8, BP2015, and JP16, ensuring high-grade purity and compliance.
  • Characteristic Odor & Appearance: The crystals boast a distinct hexagonal or needle-like appearance with a characteristic odor typical of natural menthol.
  • Defined Melting Point: With a melting point range of 41.0℃ to 44.0℃, these crystals ensure consistency in quality and efficacy.
  • Versatile Application: Widely embraced across food, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and daily chemical industries as a flavor and fragrance enhancer, reflecting its versatility.

Menthol Crystal, renowned for its aromatic essence, finds extensive utility as a flavor and fragrance ingredient across various industries. In the food sector, it enriches a myriad of products, infusing a refreshing and invigorating mint flavor into confectioneries, beverages, and more. Embraced by the cosmetics and daily chemical industries, it elevates formulations by imparting a cooling sensation and a characteristic minty scent in skincare, toiletries, and aromatherapy products. Its multifaceted nature extends to aromatherapy, where its invigorating aroma rejuvenates the senses, promoting relaxation and well-being. The exceptional quality and purity of these crystals make them a cornerstone ingredient, enhancing the sensory experience and aromatic profile of diverse products across industries.

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