Hydroxypropyl Chitosan (HPCS), Substitution 80%

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Hydroxypropyl Chitosan (HPCS), a cutting-edge water slightly soluble derivative of chitosan, boasting an 80% substitution degree from chitin, making it a remarkable modified natural biopolymer. This innovative compound stands out for its unique molecular properties and versatile applications across various industries.

Hydroxypropyl Chitosan, with its adjustable molecular weight ranging from 100K to 200K, embodies exceptional characteristics derived from its chitosan origins. Its water solubility and significant degree of substitution enhance its applicability in diverse fields, setting it apart as a sought-after biopolymer modification.

CAS NO.: 84069-44-3
Chemical Formula: [C16H33NO7]n
Molecular Weight: 100K~200K (adjustable)
Synonyms: HPCS


Appearance: White to off-white powder
Degree of substitution: 80% ~ 90%
Insoluble substance: 1.0% Max.
Loss on drying: 8% Max.
PH: 5~8
Residue on ignition: 1.5% Max.
Iron [Fe]: 10ppm Max.
Heavy metals [Pb]: 10ppm Max.
Arsenic [As2O3]: 0.5ppm Max.

Key Features:

  • Biopolymer Modification: Derived from chitin, with an impressive 80% substitution degree, ensuring unique properties.
  • Adjustable Molecular Weight: Offers flexibility with an adjustable molecular weight range of 100K to 200K.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical applications.

Hydroxypropyl Chitosan finds widespread utilization across multiple sectors:

  1. Cosmetics: Used in skincare formulations for its water-binding properties, enhancing moisturization and texture.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Applied in drug delivery systems due to its biocompatibility and controlled-release capabilities.
  3. Biomedical: Utilized in tissue engineering and wound healing for its compatibility with biological systems and biodegradability.
  4. This innovative derivative, Hydroxypropyl Chitosan, stands as a pivotal ingredient in numerous applications, providing a unique blend of water solubility, biocompatibility, and adjustability in molecular weight. Its versatility makes it an indispensable choice for industries seeking advanced solutions to enhance their formulations and product performance.

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