Humic Fulvic Acid Refine Concentrated Extract Granular

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Unleash the potential of your soil and crops with our premium humic and fulvic acid blend. Our product contains an impressive 60% Humic Acid and 55% Fulvic Acid, sourced from high-grade Leonardite, ensuring a rich supply of natural biological trace elements. What sets us apart is our exceptional water solubility, even in hard water conditions, making it ideal for various application methods. It readily dissolves in acidic aqueous solutions without precipitation, facilitating customized formulations. Beyond these advantages, it boosts mineral fertilizer utilization in soil, preventing nutrient leaching or locking, while simultaneously improving soil structure and root development. By enhancing soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) and aeration, it leads to significantly improved crop yields. Plus, it enhances the efficiency of potassium and other mineral fertilizers, making it an essential ally for your agricultural success.

CAS No.: 68514-28-3
EINECS No.: 271-030-1
Appearance: Brown Shine Crystals Powder
Humic Acid: 60% Min. (dry basis)
Fulvic Acid: 55% Min. (dry basis)
K (as K2O): 12% Min. (dry basis)
Organic substance: 80% Min.
Water-solubility: 99% Min.
Moisture: 12% Max.

MarkNature's Water Soluble Humic Fulvic Acid Granular: A versatile, multi-functional compound fertilizer suitable for various crops. Ideal for soil application, foliar application, and drip irrigation, it enhances soil and plant health, promoting robust growth and bountiful yields.
For Field Crops and Vegetables:
Apply 8-20 kg/ha, divided into several doses throughout the season, with each application ranging from 3-6 kg/ha.
For Fruit Trees:
Apply 10-25 kg/ha, divided into several doses during the season, with each application ranging from 4-8 kg/ha.
Soil Application:
Apply 8-12 kg/ha per application, repeating 2-3 times during both the seedling and growth stages.
Foliar Application:
Utilize 0.5-1.5 kg/ha per application, repeating 3-4 times during both the seedling and growth stages.
Drip Irrigation:
Apply 5-15 kg/ha, divided into multiple doses throughout the season.

>Advantages for Soil:
  • Acts as a soil conditioner, improving soil structure and ion exchange capacity.
  • Promotes fertilizer efficiency.
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and increases humus content.
  • Prevents soil contamination by heavy metallic ions and harmful substances.
  • Improves solubility in hard water.

>Advantages for Plants:
  • Stimulates plant growth, root development, and seed germination.
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and maintains balanced nutrition.
  • Increases crop resilience to cold, drought, pests, diseases, and toppling.
  • Boosts crop yield and quality.
  • Improves the effectiveness of pesticides.

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