PolyGlutamic Acid (Gamma-PGA), High Active Fertilizer Synergist

Weight: 8 oz (226 g)
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Polyglutamic acid is produced by modern bio-fermentation technology glutamic acid polyglutamine. This product is an Ammonium type amino acid, contains organic N. It is the main material of amino acid foliar fertilizer. It can be used directly on plants as Water flush fertilizer, base fertilizer.

CAS NO.: 25513-46-6
Molecular Weight: 300K or 700K Da
Assay: 30% min.
Organic Nitrogen: 5~10% min.
Organic Matter: 75% min.
PH: 4.0~8.0 

Key Product Features:
1. Source of raw material Glucose -Glutamic acid. Gamma-PGA 30%, Organic Nitrogen 5%
2. Water-soluble organic nitrogen biostimulant, easy and high-efficacy absorption by plants.
3. Help the absorption and the translocation of the nutrients
4. Simulates protein synthesis and gives strength to plants accelerating their growth.
5. Use as base fertilizer, Foliar fertilizer, Irrigation Fertilizer, and Compound fertilizer, also as fertilizer synergist mix with other fertilizers.

Used as multi-functional compound fertilizer, combined with NPK Fertilizer or used as drip irrigation, soaking seeds, root treatment, and foliar spray fertilizer alone. 

Recommended usage:
1. Mixed with urea or NPK fertilizer: added ratio 0.13~0.22%
2. Use alone: 2~3kg/Ha.

Application rates and Directions 

>Base Fertilizer: 
Use it about 10kgs for a unit of area, then irrigate with clean water or muck water. Or irrigate amino acid together with water. Or fertilize with other compound fertilizers, broadcast application, hole application both are ok. It is applicable to all crops. 

>Foliar Fertilizer:
Dilute it by 800-1000 times and spray directly. Also, it can spray by mixed with trace elements.
Use 200-500g for a unit of area.

>Compound Fertilizer & Irrigation Fertilizer:
It can be added to compound fertilizer by rate of 5-8%, improve the nutrient content of compound fertilizer, increases crops’ direct absorption.

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