Marine Sulfated Polysaccharide Fucoidan: Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Powerhouse

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Fucoidan Content: 50%
Weight: 8 oz. (228 grams)
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Fucoidan, a rare sulfated polysaccharide sourced from the pristine cell walls of Laminaria Japonica, harvested from deep, cold oceanic waters. Our extraction process, utilizing cutting-edge low-temperature technology, ensures the isolation of active ingredients while preserving bioactivity and purity. Ultrafiltration guarantees a heavy metal and toxic solvent-free product, upholding our commitment to safety and quality.

Key Features:

  • Immune Modulation: Strengthens immune cells—macrophages, natural killer cells, lymphocytes, and neutrophils—to fortify immunity.
  • Cancer Modulation: Enhances the body's defense against tumor cells, bolstering the immune system against tumorigenesis.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Demonstrated anticoagulant properties promote cardiovascular wellness.
  • Digestive Health: Promotes bifidobacteria growth, balancing intestinal microflora for digestive health.
  • Skin Protection: Acts as nutricosmetics, offering antioxidant benefits to shield the skin from UV damage and toxins, combating aging.
  • Detoxification: Eliminates heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals, and toxins from the body.

Applications & Specifications:
50% Fucoidan: Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry.
85% Fucoidan: Suited for Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Ingredients.
95% Fucoidan: Designed for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics sectors.

MarkNature Fucoidan stands as a testament to purity, safety, and efficacy, offering diverse applications across industries while providing vital health benefits from immune support to skincare and detoxification.

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