Folcisteine, N-Acetyl-4-Thiazolidine Carboxylic Acid (NATCA)

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Folcisteine, also known as N-AcetylThiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid (NATCA, ATCA, AATC), is a powerful biological stimulant and plant growth enhancer derived from the Sulphur-rich Amino-Acid-L-Cysteine. Folcisteine is highly effective in promoting plant growth and development.

Folcisteine is a natural ingredient that stimulates biological processes in plants, resulting in better crop yields, higher quality fruits and vegetables, and a more sustainable approach to agriculture. It is an eco-friendly and affordable solution for plant growth, suitable for both commercial farming and small-scale gardening. Farmers and gardeners worldwide prefer Folcisteine due to its proven efficacy and safety.


CAS No.: 54323-50-1; 5025-82-1
EC No.: 259-102-0; 225-713-6
Chemical Formula: C6H9NO3S
Molecular Weight: 175.2056

3-Acetylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid;
N-Acetyl-L-thiazolidiNe-4-Carboxylic acid;
(R)-3-acetylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid;
(4R)-3-Acetyl-4α-thiazolidinecarboxylic acid;
(R)-3-Acetyl-1,3-thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid;
(R)-3-Acetylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid(N-Acetyl-L-Thioproline)

Appearance: White or off-white powder
Assay: 98.5% min.
Specific rotation [α]D20: -131°±5°
State of solution: Clear and colorless
Transmittance: 99.0% min.
Loss on drying: 0.50% max.
Chloride [Cl-]: 1.0% max.
Iron [Fe]: 10 ppm max.
Heavy metals [Pb]: 10 ppm max.
Arsenic[As]: 1 ppm max.

Folcisteine can be used for both foliar spraying and root irrigation. For best results, it is recommended to use a concentration of 0.25-0.5 PPM (active ingredient). When using drip irrigation, apply 75g/ha., and for flush or bottom application, apply 150-300g/ha.

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