Dirhamnolipid Crystalline Purification Powder, Extremely High-purity Grade

Weight: 10 Milligram(mg)
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MarkNature Dirhamnolipid Crystalline Purification Powder, an exceptionally high-purity grade compound meticulously derived from rhamnolipids. Comprising monorhamnolipid and dirhamnolipid components, this specialized formulation focuses solely on the highly potent dirhamnolipid (Rha-Rha-C10-C10), presenting a revolutionary advancement in biomedical applications. Through an intricate extraction and purification process, we ensure the elimination of monorhamnolipid, delivering an unparalleled level of purity—98% minimum—setting new standards in research-grade compounds for biomedical exploration.

Rhamnolipid Component:
Dirhamnolipid (Rha-Rha-C10-C10)
CAS No.: 4348-76-9
M.W.: 650.79512

Solubility: Water soluble
Appearance: white powder
Dirhamnolipid(diRL): 98% min.

Key Features:
  • Unrivaled Purity: 98% minimum dirhamnolipid (diRL) concentration, ensuring exceptional quality for precise research endeavors.
  • Specialized Extraction: Utilizes a meticulously crafted extraction and purification method, eliminating monorhamnolipid to offer a purified dirhamnolipid product.
  • Water Solubility: Facilitates easy integration into aqueous solutions, enhancing versatility in experimental setups.
  • White Crystalline Appearance: Provides a visually identifiable, high-purity white powder, meeting stringent quality standards.

Our Dirhamnolipid Crystalline Purification Powder marks a groundbreaking milestone in biomedical research. With its emphasis on the purest form of dirhamnolipid, researchers gain access to a key compound for studying its promising effects in biomedical fields. This specialized product holds immense potential for applications in pharmaceutical research, bioengineering, and biotechnology, serving as a fundamental element in studies concerning antimicrobial properties, drug delivery systems, and beyond. Please note, due to limited production capacity, gram-level quantities are currently available exclusively for research purposes.

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