Dirhamnolipid Crystalline Purification Powder, Extremely High-purity Grade

Weight: 10 Milligram(mg)
Sale price$126.00


Dirhamnolipids, derived from rhamnolipids consist of monorhamnolipid and dirhamnolipid. Dirhamnolipid has recently shown promising effects in the biomedical field. To obtain pure Dirhamnolipid, we utilize a specialized extraction and purification process that eliminates Monorhamnolipid. Currently, our production capacity is limited, and we can only provide gram-level quantities for research purposes.

Rhamnolipid Component:
Dirhamnolipid (Rha-Rha-C10-C10)
CAS No.: 4348-76-9
M.W.: 650.79512

Solubility: Water soluble
Appearance: white powder
Dirhamnolipid(diRL): 98% min.

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