D-Proline, AJI92

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MarkNature D-Proline encapsulates the essence of a vital amino acid, offering the isomeric counterpart to the naturally occurring L-Proline. With its molecular structure aligning as an isomer, this supplement holds exceptional promise in various biochemical and therapeutic applications. Known for its significance in protein synthesis and as a fundamental building block for numerous bodily functions, our D-Proline stands as a testament to purity and potency, supporting diverse biological processes with its molecular precision.

CAS Number. 344-25-2 ;
EINECS. 206-452-7 ;
Formula Weight: 115.13
Melting Point: 213°C to 215°C
Soluble in water (1620 g/L at 20°C), and acetone (slightly). Insoluble in ethanol.

Assay: 98.0% ~101.0%
Specific rotation [α]D20: +83.5o to +86.5o
Loss on drying: 0.5% Max.
State of Solution (Transmittance): 95% Min.
Chloride [Cl]: 0.1% Max.
Heavy Metals (Pb): 10ppm Max.
As: 2ppm Max.
Residue on ignition(sulfated): 0.2% Max.

Key Features:

  • Isomeric Precision: Mirror image structure of L-Proline, ensuring compatibility with biological processes.
  • Biochemical Significance: Essential for protein synthesis, collagen formation, and optimal bodily functions.
  • High Purity: Meticulously sourced and processed to guarantee a pharmaceutical-grade standard.
  • Versatile Utility: Suitable for biochemical research, pharmaceutical formulations, and therapeutic interventions.

D-Proline finds its utility across a spectrum of applications within biochemical research, pharmaceutical development, and therapeutic interventions. Its role as a building block in protein synthesis and collagen formation renders it indispensable in the realm of pharmaceutical formulations targeting tissue repair and regeneration. Additionally, its significance in biochemical studies and research paves the way for advancements in understanding cellular processes and developing novel therapeutic strategies. Whether integrated into pharmaceuticals, supplements, or biochemical experiments, our D-Proline assures reliability and effectiveness in supporting crucial biological functions.

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