Chitosan Lactate, DAC 90%

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Chitosan Lactate

CAS No.: 66267-50-6
Synonyms: Chitosan, 2-hydroxypropanoate salt.
Cosmetic agent of film forming and hair fixing, also as moisturizing agent
Industrial application as oil and grease emulsification, water clarification and metals adsorption.
As seed coatings agent in agriculture.

Chitosan Lactate is a high quality chitosan salt containing the lactate counter-ion.

Appearance: Faint yellow flake or powder
Source: Chitin
Deacetylation (DAC degree): 90.0% min
Viscosity (cps): 200 max.
Moisture: 10% max.
Insolubles: 1.0% max
Heavy metals [Pb]: 5ppm max

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