Chitosan Hydrochloride, DAC 90%, Water Soluble

Weight: 100g
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Chitosan hydrochloride, a chloride salt derived from chitin found in shrimp and crab shells, comprises unbranched heteropolysaccharides with N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine units. Typically, it boasts an 85% to 95% degree of deacetylation.

Chitosan Hydrochloride, recognized by its CAS No. 70694-72-3 and synonymous with Chitosan HCL, Water Soluble Chitosan, and Chitosan Derivate, offers superior solubility in water and minimal solubility in ethanol. Best stored in an airtight container for optimal preservation.

Primarily valued by cosmetic and agricultural sectors, this compound's water solubility is a key attribute. Embraced in organic farming, Chitosan requires no additional authorization when used as a basic substance in market-ready products.

Appearance: Faint yellow flake or powder
Source: Chitin
Deacetylation (DAC degree): 90.0% min
Moisture: 10.0% max
Ash: 1% max
Viscosity: 50cps max
Insoluble: 0.5% max.
Heavy metals [Pb]: 10ppm max
Arsenic [As]: 1ppm max
Cadmium [Cd]: 0.5ppm max
Particle size: 40~60 mesh
PH: 4~6

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