Chitosan High Density, DAC 90%, Food Grade

Weight: 250g
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High Density Chitosan Powder, a natural biopolymer derived from chitin—predominantly found in the structural composition of squid pens, certain fungi's cell walls, and the shells of shrimp and crabs—undergoes modification to form this versatile substance. As copolymers naturally occurring in various sources, chitosan inherently embodies environmentally friendly traits and boasts remarkable biodegradability.


Appearance: White to faint yellow powder
Source: Snow crab shell
Deacetylation (DAC degree): 90.0% min
Soluble (acid): 99.0% min.
Viscosity: 70 cps max.
Particle size: 95% thru 100 mesh min.
Tap Density: 0.5 g/cc min.
Ash: 1.0% max.
Pb: 3.0 ppm max.
As: 2.0 ppm max.
Cd: 0.2 ppm max
Hg: 0.05 ppm max.
Total Plate Count: 1,000 cfu/g max.
Mold and Yeast: 100 cfu/g max.
E. Coli: Negative
Salmonella: Negative


  1. Raw Material for Chitosan Derivatives: Serve as a fundamental element in the production of various chitosan derivatives, enabling the creation of innovative solutions across industries.
  2. Agricultural Biostimulant: Elevate agricultural practices by formulating biostimulants that enhance crop growth and resilience, contributing to sustainable farming.
  3. Chemical Auxiliary: Play a pivotal role as a versatile chemical auxiliary, catering to diverse industrial applications with its inherent properties.
  4. Food Industry Raw Material: Trusted as a reliable raw material in the food industry, ensuring safety and quality in food production processes.
  5. Medical Textile: Facilitate advancements in medical textiles, leveraging the unique properties of chitosan to create textiles with enhanced functionalities for medical applications.

Our High Density Chitosan Powder stands as a testament to quality, reliability, and eco-conscious manufacturing. Explore its multifaceted applications across industries and discover the potential for innovation and sustainability it brings to your endeavors.

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