Calcium Carbonate, FCC/USP32/BP2015

Weight: 1 lb (454 g)
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MarkNature premium-grade Calcium Carbonate, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of FCC, USP32, and BP2015. With its chemical name as Calcium Carbonate and CAS Number 471-34-1, this product stands as a hallmark of purity and quality, ensuring versatility and efficacy across various applications.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Purity: Our Calcium Carbonate presents as a fine crystalline, odorless white powder, meeting the highest standards set by FCC, USP32, and BP2015.
  • Compliance: Certified to meet the strict regulations of FCC, USP32, and BP2015, ensuring the utmost quality for pharmaceutical and food applications.
  • Chemical Stability: With its precise chemical composition of CaCO3 and a molecular weight of 100.0892, it guarantees consistent performance and stability in diverse formulations.


Identification [CO32- ] & [Ca2+]:

Meet the requirements

Assay [CaCO3]:


Insoluble substance in acid:

0.20% Max.

Loss on drying:

1.0% max.


0.003% max.

Magnesium and Alkali salts:

1.0% max.

Mercury [Hg]:

0.5ppm max.

Iron [Fe]:

0.1% max.

Heavy metals:

20ppm max.

Arsenic [As2O3]:

2ppm max.

Lead [Pb]:

3ppm max.

Mercury [Hg]:

0.5ppm max.


Calcium Carbonate finds wide-ranging applications across industries:

  1. Pharmaceuticals: Utilized as an excipient in pharmaceutical formulations due to its inert nature and compatibility with active ingredients.
  2. Food & Beverage: Serves as a calcium supplement, pH regulator, and anti-caking agent in various food products, ensuring quality and safety.
  3. Cosmetics: Incorporated in cosmetics for its absorbent properties and as a polishing agent in toothpaste formulations.
  4. Other Industries: Used in diverse industries such as agriculture, construction, and plastics for its functional properties.

Derived to exceed industry standards and meticulously tested for purity and consistency, our Calcium Carbonate is your definitive choice for applications demanding high-quality and reliable performance, meeting the exacting criteria of FCC, USP32, and BP2015.

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