Bromelain, Pineapples Extract Proteolytic Enzyme, Food Grade

Weigth: 1 KG
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Bromelain, a pure natural thiol hydrolyzing protease, is extracted from pineapples. It contains a sulfhydryl-containing protein, peroxidase, acid phosphatase, protein inhibitors, and organic active calcium. With its active sulfhydryl group (-SH), it efficiently hydrolyzes proteins, finding broad applications in food, medicine, and various industries.

CAS No.: 9001-00-7
EC No.:
Appearance: light yellow or yellowish brown powder
Activity: 200,000 U/g
Mositure: 8% max.
Heavy metals [Pb]: 5ppm max.
Arsenic [As2O3]: 3ppm max.

Applications of Bromelain:

Food Industry: Utilizes enzymatic reactions to break down large proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids.

Cosmetics: Effective in exfoliating the skin's aging stratum corneum.

Medicine: Essential in pharmaceutical production and as excipients.

Health Products: Enhances digestion and nutrient absorption in enzyme and digestive foods.

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