Bio Fulvic Acid Powder 95%, High Biological Active and Purity

Weight: 1 kg
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MarkNature Bio Fulvic acid extracted from plant, the fulvic acid is an organic acid of polyelectrolyte that featured with quinones and carboxyls with enormous potential to heal soils of the world and to neutralize radioactive and toxic wastes. Fulvic acid also is a powerful natural free radical scavenger and antioxidant.

Appearance: Coffee brown powder
Assay (Fulvic Acid): 95% Min.
PH: 5~7
Water solubility: 100% (test by method of water soluble fertilizers)
Insolubles: 3% Max. (by super centrifugation)
Moisture: 12% Max.

1) Drought Resistance Agent
Spraying two to three times during growth period of crops, it can enhance drought resistance and resistance on dry and hot wind.

2) Stimulation Growth Agent
It can increase activity of various enzymes and content of chlorophyll, and also can regulate and stimulate crops to grow, increase their quality and yield 10-15%.

3) Synergist Agent
Fulvic Acid can be used for foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and a variety of chemical pesticides additives, has obvious synergism.


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