Bacillus Megaterium Powder, 50 billion CFU/gram, Water Soluble Biological Fertilizer

Weight: 200g
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MarkNature Bacillus Megaterium biological fertilizer, boasting 50 billion CFU/gram, is an effective water-soluble solution tailored to enhance soil health and optimize agricultural productivity. Specifically recognized for its ability to degrade organic phosphorus in the soil, Bacillus Megaterium plays a pivotal role in producing phosphate-fixing and potassium-fixing fertilizers, making it a staple strain in biological organic fertilizers.

Key Features:

  • Organic Phosphorus Degradation: Exhibits exceptional proficiency in breaking down organic phosphorus compounds in the soil, facilitating nutrient accessibility for plants.
  • Phosphate-Fixing Capacity: Facilitates the creation of phosphate-fixing and potassium-fixing fertilizers, augmenting soil fertility and nutrient availability.
  • Biological Organic Fertilizer: An integral component in enhancing soil health, mitigating continuous cropping obstacles, and preventing soil diseases.

Microbial Count: 50 billion CFU/gram

Bacillus Megaterium contributes significantly to soil improvement and crop growth by addressing the challenges associated with inefficient phosphorus utilization. Upon phosphate fertilizer application, it aids in the breakdown of insoluble phosphorus compounds formed with soil ions (calcium, iron, aluminum, magnesium), promoting their dissolution for improved crop absorption. This process assists in preventing soil-borne diseases, inhibits continuous cropping obstacles, and enhances overall soil structure and properties.

Utilizing its organic acid secretion capabilities, Bacillus Megaterium effectively dissolves calcium, iron, and aluminum phosphate compounds, enhancing the soil's microbial ecosystem while ameliorating soil quality. The result is improved soil physical properties, fostering a conducive environment for crop growth and yield enhancement.

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