Bacillus Megaterium Powder, 50 billion CFU/gram, Water Soluble Biological Fertilizer

Weight: 200g
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Bacillus megaterium has a good effect of degrading organic phosphorus in the soil.

In agriculture, Bacillus megaterium can be used to produce phosphate-fixing and potassium-fixing fertilizers. It is a common strain used in biological organic fertilizers

Microbial Count: 50 billion CFU/gram

After phosphate fertilizer is applied to the soil, it is very easy to combine with positive ions (calcium, iron, aluminum, magnesium, etc.) in the soil to form insoluble phosphorus compounds, such as phosphoric acid Calcium, iron phosphate, aluminum phosphate, etc., and phosphorus has poor mobility in the soil, is not easy to be lost and often accumulates in farmland, the bacteria will secrete organic acids and other substances to dissolve the calcium and phosphorus compounds in the soil that are not easily absorbed by crops, Iron-phosphorus compounds and aluminum-phosphorus compounds promote the dissolution and utilization of ineffective phosphorus in the soil, thereby assisting the growth of microorganisms in the soil, preventing the occurrence of soil diseases, and reducing problems such as continuous cropping obstacles. Increase the excellent physical properties of the soil to achieve the effect of soil improvement.

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