Alginate Oligosaccharide (AOS), Agriculture Grade

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Alginate Oligosaccharide (AOS), High BioActive Powder 90%, Agriculture Grade

Alginate oligosaccharides (AOS), belonging to the class of functional marine oligosaccharides, are low-molecular polymers linked by β-1,4-mannuronic acid (M) and α-1,4-guluronic acid (G).

MarkNature Alginate oligosaccharides (AOS) obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of alginate. With low viscosity and good water solubility, as well as anti-oxidant, immune regulation, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities, AOS have been widely used in medical science and functional food, green agriculture and other fields.


Appearance: White powder
AOS Content: 90%
Organic Matters: 40%
Loss on drying: 5% max.
Insolubles: 5% max.
Chloride [Cl-]: 1% max.
Particle size: 80~100 mesh

1) Improving crop disease resistance
2) Promote plant nutrient uptake
3) Promote root growth

Plant Flushing: 60~75 g/ha.
Foliar Spray: 15 g/ha.

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