Hydroxyethyl Chitosan, O-HECS/HECTS, Glycol Chitosan

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Hydroxyethyl Chitosan

CAS No.: 39280-86-9
Molecular Formula: (C8H15NO)n
Synonyms: Glycol Chitosan; O-Hydroxyethyl Chitosan; Chitosan 6-(2-hydroxyethyl) ether; HE-Chitosan; O-HECS; HECTS
Great water solubility and moisture retention and gelling property.
Excellent Biocompatibility with non-toxic and rapidly biodegradable characteristic.

Appearance: Faint yellow flake or powder
Source: Chitin
Deacetylation (DAC degree): 90.0% min
Degress of Hydroxyethyl: 85.0% min.
Moisture: 12% max.
Insolubles: 0.5% max
pH: 6.5~8.5

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