D-Proline, AJI92

Weight: 200g
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D-proline is an isomer of the naturally occurring amino acid, L-Proline

CAS Number. 344-25-2 ;
EINECS. 206-452-7 ;
Formula Weight: 115.13
Melting Point: 213°C to 215°C
Soluble in water (1620 g/L at 20°C), and acetone (slightly). Insoluble in ethanol.


Assay:  98.0% ~101.0%
Specific rotation [α]D20:  +83.5o to +86.5o
Loss on drying:  0.5% Max.
State of Solution (Transmittance):  95% Min.
Chloride [Cl]:  0.1% Max.
Heavy Metals (Pb):  10ppm Max.
As:  2ppm Max.
Residue on ignition(sulfated): 0.2% Max.


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