Oligosaccharide de chitosane, DAC 90%, qualité alimentaire

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Chitosan Oligosaccharide (COS), with a molecular weight of 3,000 Dalton, is characterized by CAS NO.: 148411-57-8 and the chemical formula (C6H11NO4)n. Also known as chitin oligose or Beta-(1,4)-2-acyl-2-deoxy-D-glucan, this unique compound is derived from chitosan and is distinguished by its property of not generating heat, a rare trait in the natural world.


Appearance: Faint yellow flake or powder

Source: Chitosan

Deacetylation (DAC degree): 90.0% min

Moisture: 10% max.

Insolubles: 1.0% max

Heavy metals [Pb]: 10ppm max

Key Features:

COS, with a degree of polymerization below 20, possesses an exclusive alkaline nature, making it stand out among oligosaccharides. Its exceptional characteristic of not producing heat makes it suitable for various applications. This specialized compound offers diverse physiological activities, making it a promising candidate for multifaceted use across different industries.


Chitosan Oligosaccharide's unique properties open up a wide range of possibilities in various fields. Its low molecular weight and alkaline attributes make it suitable for applications in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and biotechnology. In agriculture, it helps enhance plant growth, disease resistance, and stress tolerance. In the pharmaceutical sector, it shows potential for drug delivery systems and bioactive compound formulations. Its versatility extends further into biotechnology, contributing to advancements in various biological processes.

Chitosan Oligosaccharide is an exceptional oligosaccharide with extraordinary properties, offering a spectrum of potential applications across industries. Explore its diverse uses and unlock innovative possibilities for your specific needs.

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