Purificar ramnolípido líquido 95%, grado técnico

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MarkNature's Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant is a versatile and technical-grade solution suitable for various agricultural applications. Derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, this biosurfactant offers a range of benefits, functioning as a wetting agent, dispersant, emulsifier, and aiding in cleanup and bioremediation processes.

Rhamnolipids are a unique class of biosurfactants known for their multifaceted properties, and they are composed of rhamnose sugar linked to β-hydroxylated fatty acid chains. This composition allows them to be widely utilized in industries such as petroleum, food, agriculture, and bioremediation due to their adaptability and effectiveness.

Key Components:

- Monorhamnolipid (Rha-C10-C10, M.W.: 504 Da), CAS No.: 37134-61-5

- Dirhamnolipid (Rha-Rha-C10-C10, M.W.: 650 Da), CAS No.: 4348-76-9


- Appearance: Brown viscous liquid

- Purity: 95% min. (dry basis)

- Rhamnolipid: 50% min.

- Surface Tension (mN/m): 35 max.

- pH (10%): 6~8

- Solubility: Water-soluble


Rhamnolipid biosurfactant is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it suitable for various applications, including agriculture. In agriculture, it offers several advantages:

1. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Rhamnolipids reduce surface and interfacial tension, promoting nutrient absorption by plants and increasing fertilizer efficiency. Field experiments have demonstrated a reduction in fertilizer consumption without compromising efficacy.

2. Soil Remediation: Rhamnolipids improve soil permeability and the micro-ecological environment, alleviating soil compaction and contributing to soil remediation.

3. Chelating Function: The double carboxyl structure of rhamnolipids allows them to chelate and fix middle and trace elements around the root system, enhancing fertilizer efficiency and promoting plant growth.

4. Biodegradable: Rhamnolipids are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, causing no secondary pollution.

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