Weizmannia Coagulans Water Soluble Powder - Agriculture Grade

Weight: 200g
Sale priceR$ 625,79


Weizmannia Coagulans Water Soluble Powder utilizes high-yield lactic acid bacteria, with a concentration of 100 billion colony-forming units (CFU) per gram, designed to improve soil health and crop quality under various climatic conditions. This product is engineered for high-temperature stability and aims to enhance soil nutrient availability by activating organic phosphorus and insoluble potassium, potentially reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

Weizmannia Coagulans: 100 billion CFU/gram.

Key Benefits:
1) Temperature Resilient: Formulated to retain effectiveness across different temperatures.
2) Nutrient Activation: Helps activate essential soil nutrients, increasing their availability.
3) Fertilizer Efficiency: May reduce the need for chemical fertilizers by improving nutrient uptake efficiency.
4) Soil Microenvironment: Aims to improve the microecological environment, potentially enhancing crop quality.
5) Stress Resistance: Designed to offer resistance against salt-alkaline stress, supporting plant growth in adverse conditions.
6) Soil Structure and Decomposition: Encourages better soil structure and faster decomposition of organic material, contributing to soil fertility.

Weizmannia Coagulans Water Soluble Powder is suitable for a wide range of agricultural practices, from conventional to organic farming. It is applicable to various crops, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and ornamentals, aiming to improve soil conditions, support plant growth, and potentially increase yield. This product offers a method to potentially enhance soil management practices and crop production efficiency.

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