Vegetal Chitosan, Water soluble Non-animal derived Deacetylated Chitin

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Vegetal Chitosan stands as a remarkable natural biopolymer derived from non-animal sources, extracted from chitin obtained from either Mushroom or Aspergillus Nige. This water-soluble, faint yellow powder serves as a breakthrough solution, particularly suitable for vegans and vegetarians, extending its application into both food and cosmetics. With a DAC degree of 98% minimum, this chitosan variant embodies purity and efficacy, meeting food and nutricosmetics grade standards.

CAS No.: 70694-72-3
EC No.: 615-145-0
Grade: Food and Nutricosmetics

Appearance: Faint yellow powder
Source: Mushroom / Aspergillus Nig
Deacetylation (DAC degree): 98% min.
Viscosity: 10~80 cps
Bulk density: 0.2g/ml min.

Key Features:

  • Non-Animal Source: Derived from chitin sourced from Mushroom or Aspergillus Nige, catering to vegan and vegetarian requirements.
  • High Purity: Deacetylation degree of 98% minimum, ensuring premium quality and effectiveness.
  • Water Solubility: Exhibits water solubility, facilitating versatile application in food and cosmetic formulations.
  • Versatile Viscosity: Viscosity ranging from 10 to 80 cps, adaptable to various applications and formulations.
  • Nutricosmetics Grade: Meets stringent standards for food and nutricosmetics, ensuring compliance and safety.

Vegetal Chitosan's versatility spans across the food and cosmetic industries, offering a sustainable and non-animal-derived alternative. In the food sector, it acts as a stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier, enhancing texture and stability in various formulations. Moreover, in the realm of cosmetics, it finds utility in skincare products, contributing to formulations aimed at moisturization, skin regeneration, and anti-aging properties. Its water solubility and purity make it an ideal ingredient for a diverse range of products catering to consumers seeking natural and sustainable options in both food and cosmetic segments.

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