Sweet Tea Extract, Rubusoside 70% (HPLC), High-Purity Refined Grade

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MarkNature Sweet Tea Extract, 70% Rubusoside Zero Calorie

Sweet Tea is also known as Chinese Blackberry Tea (Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee). This sweet tea contains a natural sweetener, known as Rubusoside.

1) Pure natural sweet tea extract, contains the highest 70% (HPLC) rubusoside.
2) It is white powder with characteriestic odor and sweet taste.
3) It is the natural high-sweetness, low-calorie sweeteners.
4) Use as sugar-substitute, it is 250 times as sweet as granulated sugar.
5) It has good water solubility and stable can be mixed with mingling with all food without any effects on the color and applied in different beverages and healthy food industries.

Appearance: White powder
Botanical Source: Rubus Suabissimus S.Lee.
Rubusoside: 70% min. (HPLC)
Particle Size: 95% Pass 80 mesh
Moisture: 6.0% max.

Keep container tightly closed.
Store in a dry place.

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