Cellulase, Food Grade

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MarkNature cellulase was produced by Trichoderma species using modern genetic engineering technology, microbial fermentation technology, and advanced post-processing techniques. It is composed of multiple ingredients and can degrade cellulose in fibers to create simple sugars efficiently, thus improving the utilization of raw ingredients. It is widely used in manufacture of feed, textile, fuel ethanol, alcohol, Chinese medicine extraction, food, fruit juice-processing, etc.

CAS No.: 9012-54-8
EC No.: 232-734-4
Chemical Formula:C18H37N(CH3)2
Appearance: Yellowish powder
Synonyms: Ku-zyme; Kutrase; Aspergillus niger

FEED INDUSTRY: Degrading cellulose to cello-oligosaccharide specifically, decreasing the chyme mucosity. Breaking down the structure of cell walls and releasing the nutrients inside, increasing the diffusion rate of endogenous digestive enzymes and enhancing the nutrients digestibility. Balancing intestinal flora to enhance animal immunity and reduce diarrhea ratio. Improving the animal production performance to increase customer profits.

FABRIC AND TEXTILES: Improving the finish, sheen, flexibility, air-permeability, insulation and softness of the textile fabrics, developing permanent resistance of fabric to lint, fuzz and pill buildups and easing further treatments and dye processes.
BREWERIES AND WINERIES: Breaking down plant cell walls and membranes, boosting the release of starch, and in turn, the output of alcohol.

Keep container tightly closed.
Store in a dry place.

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