Trichoderma Viride, 5 billion CFU/gram, Water soluble

Weight: 200g
Preço de venda$52.00


Trichoderma viride is a fungus and a bio fungicide, mainly used in biofertilizers as a biocontrol agent for plant pathogenic fungi in crops.

Family: Hypocreaceae
Genus: Trichoderma
Species: T. viride

Appearance: Gray green powder
Solubility: Water soluble
Microbial Count: 5 billion CFU/gram

Use for seed and soil treatment for suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens.

  1. Solubilizes soil phosphorus
  2. Reclaims adverse soils,
  3. Promotes plant growth
  4. Protects soil eco-system
  5. Decomposes raw organic farm wastes
  6. Increases the plants' vigor and builds resistance in plants to drought and diseases.
  7. Compatible with organic manures and biofertilizers.

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