Nisin Powder, Natural Preservative, FCCIV/E234

Weight: 8 oz (226 g)
Preço de venda$60.00


MarkNature Nisin Powder FCCIV/E234

CAS No.: 1414-45-5
EINECS No.: 215-807-5
Chemical Formula: C143H230N42O37S7
Molecular Weight: 3354.07
Standard: E234

Nisin is white color powder with hydrous potency 900IU/mg. It is stable in room temperature and acidity condition even heated. 

Appearance: Grey or white powder
Moisture: 3.0% max.
Ph (10% aqueous solution): 3.10 ~ 3.60
Sodium Chloride: 50% min.
Potency: 900 UI/mg
Total heavy metals: 10 ppm max.
Pb: 2 ppm max.
As: 1 ppm max.
Hg: 1 ppm max.

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