Menthol Carboxamide (WS-3)

Weight: 500g
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Product Name: Menthol Carboxamide
CAS Number: 39711-79-0
EINECS Number: 254-599-0
FEMA: 3455
Chemical Formula: C13H25NO
Molecular Weight: 211.35
Chemical Name: N-Ethyl-2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexane carboxamide

Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline solid
Odor: Slight menthol odor
Melting Point: 95~98 ºC
Assay: 99.0% min.

Use of the Substance: Flavor Ingredient
Menthol Carboxamide is effective in combination with mint oils, which gives more impact, freshness and long-lasting flavour.
Recommended dosage: 10~ 2,000 ppm

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