Iron Humate, Water Soluble Chelated Fe Humate

Weight: 1 pound (454g)
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Iron Humate is an organic granular fertilizer that contains iron, humic and fulvic acids, derived from natural sources like peat, leonardite, and lignite. It improves soil fertility, increases nutrient availability, and enhances plant growth. It can be dissolved in water and applied as a foliar spray or directly to the soil, making it suitable for a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and turfgrass. It helps sandy soils retain water, providing better drought tolerance, and is safe to apply alone or in combination with most commercial fertilizers. Iron Humate is effective in alkaline soils and is a natural remedy for plants with iron.



Brownish Red Powder or Flake

Humic Acid:

Fulvic Acid:

Fe (Chelated Iron):

30% Min. (dry basis)

10% Min. (dry basis)

8% Min.

Saturated Solutions:


700 grams/L Max.



12% Max.



Soil application:
8~10 kg/ha; or blend Iron Humate with normal N.P.K base program with 3% of total amount of N.P.K

Add it to irrigation water with the ratio of 8~12 kg/ha

Foliar Spray:
Dilute 0.5~1 kg Iron Humate to average 1000 liters water or other functional solutions.
Apply 3~4 times, at intervals of 15 days during the growing season.



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