Polylysine Powder, Epsilon-PolyLysine (EPL), Food Grade

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CAS Number:  28211-04-3
Chemical Formula:  (C6H12N2O•HCl)n
Synonyms: (S)-Poly(imino(2-amino-1-oxo-1,6-hexanediyl)), E-Polylysine, ε –Polylysine, Poly(E-lysine)

ε-Polylysine is slightly bitter and hygroscopic.
It is soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.
The molecular is a straight chain polymer of L-lysine.
Its activity is not affected by pH, and stable when heated (120 ºC for 20 min).
Standard: In-house standard

Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: Not less than 95%
Moisture: Not more than 5.0%
Total Heavy metals: Not more than 20 ppm
Lead [Pb]: Not more than 3 ppm
Arsenic [As2O3]: Not more than 1 ppm
Total Plate Count: Not more than 100cfu/gram


1> ε-polylysine can greatly inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds bacteria, especially to the Gram- bacteria which can not easily inhibit by others.

2> As a good preservative, ε-PL is characterized as being high safety, water-soluble, stable at high temperatures, widely usage, non prejudice to the taste, antibacterial in neutral or subacidity conditions.

3> Because of the stability at high temperatures, it can inhibit some heat-resistant bacillus after heat treatment and some tadpole-form noncontractile siphovirus as well.

4> ε-polylysine can stop small intestine fat absorption through inhibiting pancreatic lipase activities, so it can be the diet therapy for obese patients.
5> Besides, ε-polylysine also can be used in cosmetics, disinfectant or cleaner for food machinery or hutch, etc.

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