EDTA-Fe13, Ferric Sodium EDTA

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Ferric Sodium EDTA, known as EDTA-Fe13, a powerful solution meticulously formulated to bolster iron uptake in agriculture and horticulture. This specialized compound, rich in chelating properties, serves as a key element in enhancing soil quality and promoting robust plant growth. Engineered to address iron deficiencies effectively, EDTA-Fe13 plays a vital role in ensuring optimal iron utilization, thereby fostering healthy crops and vibrant foliage.

CAS Number: 15708-41-5
EINECS Number: 239‐802‐2
Chemical Formula: C10H12FeN2NaO8
Molecular Weight: 367.047

EDTA Ferric Salt
EDTA Ferric Sodium Salt;
Sodium Iron EDTA;
Sodium ferric ethylenediaminetetraacetate;
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid iron (III) sodium salt;

Appearance: Yellow powder
PH value (1% water solution): 4.0~6.0
Water Insolubles: 0.1% max.
Iron [Fe]: 13.0% ± 0.5
EDTA value: 65.5~70.5%

Key Features:

  • Iron Uptake Enhancement: EDTA-Fe13 excels in optimizing iron uptake, facilitating its absorption by plants, and mitigating iron deficiencies that hinder growth.
  • Chelating Properties: With exceptional chelation abilities, this compound effectively binds and delivers iron to plants, ensuring its availability for utilization.
  • Soil Enrichment: By enriching the soil with readily available iron, EDTA-Fe13 promotes nutrient-rich conditions, vital for sustained plant vitality.

EDTA-Fe13, Ferric Sodium EDTA, stands as an indispensable component in agriculture and horticulture. Its primary application involves enriching soil quality, addressing iron deficiencies, and fostering healthy plant growth. From field crops to horticultural species, this compound ensures optimal iron availability, crucial for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. Incorporating EDTA-Fe13 into soil treatments or foliar applications significantly improves nutrient absorption, leading to robust crop health, increased yield, and vibrant, thriving vegetation.

For Research and Further Manufacturing Use Only, Not for Food or Drug Use

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