Bacillus Pumilus, Water Soluble Powder, 50 billion CFU/gram

Weight: 200g
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Bacillus pumilus is a Gram-positive spore-forming bacteria commonly found in soil, it is rod-shaped aerobic or facultatively anaerobic.

Bacillus pumilus has antibacterial and antifungal activity, it can be used as antimicrobials and antifungals in agriculture.

Bacillus pumilus strains are resistant to unfavorable conditions such as UV, H2O2, and chemical disinfection.

Bacillus pumilus strains synthesize multifarious important enzymes and can be used in the production of some fermented foods, bioremediation of wastewater systems, and biodegradation of environmental contaminants.


Class: Bacilli
Order: Bacillales
Family: Bacillaceae
Genus: Bacillus
Species: B. pumilus

Appearance: Off-white or grey powder
Microbial Count: 50 billion CFU/gram
Mositure: 12% max.
Solubility: Water Soluble

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