Pure Vegan Amino Acids Powder, Food Grade

Weight: 1 pound (454 g)
Prix réduit$84.00


MarkNature Plant-Based Amino Acids are derived from premium soybean protein through state-of-the-art refinement processes. These amino acids boast an impressive content of up to 80%, excellent water solubility, and a delightful soybean flavor profile. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including capsules, tablets, and oral liquids.

Origin: Sourced from Soybeans
Grade: Food Grade
Ingredients: Contains 17 Free L-Amino Acids
Appearance: Fine Powder, Yellow or Off-Yellow
Odor: Exhibits Characteristic Amino Acids Scent from Soybean Source

Total Amino Acids: 80.0% min.
Total Nitrogen: 12.5% min.
Amino Acid Nitrogen: 9.5% min.
Loss on Drying: 5.0% max.
Ash: 3.0% max.
Insoluble: 0.5% max.
pH: 4.5~7.5
Lead (Pb): 0.5 ppm max.
Arsenic (As): 0.5 ppm max.

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