EDTA-Zn15, Zinc Disodium EDTA

Weight: 2 lbs (908 g)
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CAS Number: 14025-21-9
EC Number: 237-865-0
Chemical Formula: C10H12N2Na2O8Zn
Molecular Weight: 399.6

Zinc disodium EDTA
Sequestrene NA2ZN;
Sodium zinc EDTA;
Disodium ZINC edetate;
EDTA disodium zinc salt;
Disodium zinc ethylenediaminetetraacetate;
Zinc disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate;

Appearance: White powder
PH value (1% water solution): 6.0~7.0
Water Insolubles: 0.05% max.
Zinc [Zn]: 15% ± 0.5


Zinc Disodium EDTA is a powerful chelating agent and acts as a micronutrient in agriculture and horticulture. It also forms stable complexes with metal ions.

For Research and Further Manufacturing Use Only, Not for Food or Drug Use

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