L(+)-Rhamnose Monohydrate, 98% HPLC, Food Grade

Weight: 8 oz (228g)
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L(+)-Rhamnose namely 6-deoxy-L-mannose, also known as methyl pentose, is a naturally-occurring deoxy sugar that widely exists in plant polysaccharides, glycosides, plant gums, and polysaccharides on the surface of bacterial cells.

Its sweetness is about 33% of sucrose, which can be used as a sweetener, as well as in the production of flavors, spices, and edible.

CAS Number: 10030-85-0
EINECS Number: 222-793-4
Formula: C6H12O5 • H2O
MW: 182.17 g/mol

L-Rha • H2O, 6-Deoxy-L-mannose, L+Rhamnopyranose, 6-Deoxy-L-Mannose Hydrate, Rhamnose Hydrate, L-Rha Hydrate, L-Rhamnose Hydrate, L+-Rhamnose Hydrate, A-L-Rhamnose Monohydrate, Rham

Source: Sophorae Japonica
Melting point: 82~92 ℃
Soluble in water and methanol.
Slightly soluble in ethanol.

Assay: 98% min. (HPLC)
Residual solvents (Ethanol): 5,000ppm max.
Specific Rotation: +7.5°~+8.5°
Residue on ignition: 0.10% max.
Mositure: 9.0%~11.0%
Heavy metals: 10ppm max.
Lead (Pb): 3ppm max.
Arsenic (As): 1ppm max.
Mercury (Hg): 0.1ppm max.
Cadmium (Cd): 1ppm max.

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