Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponin, Natural Surfactant

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Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponin stands as a remarkable, natural nonionic surfactant, derived from the seeds of the camellia tea plant. This glycoside compound is not just a simple surfactant; it is a multifaceted ingredient that plays a vital role in various industries due to its exceptional properties of decontamination, foaming, emulsification, decentralization, and saturation. Beyond its primary functionalities, Tea Saponin is also celebrated for its health benefits, including diminishing inflammation, easing pain, and resisting epiphyte. With a wide range of applications from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, and daily chemicals to textiles, this natural extract proves indispensable in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices across industries.

Phytochemically, Tea Saponin is a triterpenoid saponin characterized by its bitter and spicy taste, which can stimulate mucous membranes leading to sneezing. It forms fine white, column-shaped crystals that exhibit strong moisture absorption capabilities and present apparent acidity. Its solubility in water and various organic solvents alongside its melting point at 224°C underlines its versatility in different formulations.

CAS Number: 8047-15-2
EC Number: 232-462-6
Appearance: Brown yellow to Light yellow Powder
Saponins: 60% min.
Particle Size: 80 mesh
Solubility: Water soluble
Moisture: 6% max.
Surface Tension: 30-40 mN/m
Foamy Ability: 160-190mm

Key Features:
1) Versatile Applications: From agrochemical adjuvants, architecture, textiles, to daily chemicals and medicine, its wide range of applications showcases its adaptability.
2) Eco-Friendly: As a natural nonionic surfactant, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical surfactants, minimizing pollution.
3) Strong Decontamination: Exhibits unparalleled cleansing abilities without being affected by water hardness, making it ideal for personal care and cleaning products.
4) Health Benefits: Offers therapeutic benefits such as relieving coughs, dispelling phlegm, and acting as a diuretic.
5) Enhanced Performance: Outperforms conventional emulsifiers with its small granularity emulsion, ensuring level, stable, and superior performance in industrial applications.

1) Agrochemical Adjuvant: Boosts the efficacy of pesticides and serves as an organic pesticide.
2) Daily Chemical Field: Utilized in shampoos and detergents for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.
3) Textile Area: Enhances the quality of fabric cleaning, preserving the freshness, brightness, and softness of textiles.
4) Medical Field: Acts as a medicating emulsifier and offers therapeutic benefits, including easing respiratory ailments.
5) Fire-fighting Agent: Serves as a foam stabilizer and accelerant in fire extinguishers, contributing to safer fire-fighting methods.

Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponin exemplifies the convergence of nature and technology, offering a sustainable solution across a spectrum of industries. Its natural origin, combined with its broad functionality, makes it a cornerstone ingredient for future innovations in environmentally conscious product development.

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